A White Fishy World

In Fish on January 7, 2009 at 8:30 pm

White Fish Fillets


Pesto (optional)

Herbs (optional)

Black pepper

Alright this sounds a little odd, and it take time and usually a meal to convice others I actually do this, but i’ve been doing this for years. To cook any sort of white fish, I smear on a little mayo and put it on an ungreased foil lined baking dish. in a 425 oven it takes around 15 mins (it depends on the thickness of your filets). I just test it for doness, if it flakes, its done. Sometimes for add flavor I mix in a beit of herbs or even pesto with the mayo before baking. Its amazing, it tastes great and yet is so simple. Another happy plus is that low fat mayo often has lemon in it.


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