Good food for the everyday zombie.

Why we’re called Zombies.

Between work and sleep taking over so many hours of our lives, we’ve become zombies, and so we eat like zombies eat, with little effort and even less clean up.

The Real Reason Zombies are called Zombies.

The term zombie actually came from the nickneme one friend gave the other in high school, as luck would have it, they ended up together, and thus inherited the title, she now says “dude, if I’d only know, I’d have called him something more flattering, oh well”. So who are the  Zombies, travelers, theyve lived in 4 different countries put together, since having gotten together. she cooks better than he does (and is proud of it) but if meat is involved, she gets pushed aside. Apparrently its not her area, or in other words she prefers medium rare and he prefers blue. They read a lot, a nice calm zombie habit, novels and newspapers, definately different ones, one’s political, and the other’s not. Ones American, trying to become Belgian, and the other is neither. One’s a scientist, the other is… harder to define, “I have done a lot of science (A-levels in Chemistry, Physics and Geography), but I’ve also done urban studies, journalism, art, and I’ve spent the last couple of years working in marketing, you see harder to define”. Its hard to get him off a mountain, its hard to get her out of the water, and after a long predictable day there’s nothing like sitting somewhere random in the house and Eating with Zombies.


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